Harrison Trebuchet Light 13ft Carp Rods | FOR SALE (Set of 4)

Harrison Trebuchet Light


FOR SALE Set of 4 Harrison Trebuchet Light 13ft, 3,75lb NEW, hand built in UK.


Harrison Trebuchet Light 13' Carp Rods

Length: 13 foot / 3,90m
Test curve:  3,75lb fast action / hybrid action. Casting weight 3-4,5 oz / 85-130g.
Rings: New Kigan 3D Black Edition with zirconia ring 50-16 (anti tangle tip). http://www.kigan.com/sub03/sub02.php
Reel seat: 18mm 3k-3k carbon seat with Fuji black hoods, stainless steel collars and small cone of duplon. 
Lock nut: Fuji 18mm aluminium lock nut
Isotope: Hi power red isotope
Whipping: Metallic red + silver
Handle: Length 56 cm for best leverage. Abbreviated handle with japanese shrink grip and stainless steel butt cap, union jack, rod name and Harrison Advanced Rods logo.

The rods are NEW.

I can send anywhere in Europe.


Price: 1580 € / 1370 £ (Set of 4)

Contact: Horia Marinescu 004 0748 225 099 | Email: Această adresă de email este protejată contra spambots. Trebuie să activați JavaScript pentru a o vedea.


Harrison Advanced Rods about Trebuchet Light :

"The Trebuchet was conceived as the ultimate distance rod, but you really need good technique and plenty of power to exploit it properly. This new lighter version is aimed at the majority of us who want the distance, but want it effortlessly, a rod that can work with us.

In the "Light" I have built a touch more "springiness" into the butt, and this makes the rod feel very alive. It also makes it a little less demanding on technique and timing. The tip has also been modified from the original Trebuchet, but very slightly as I want to keep the tip speed as high as possible to keep the maximum distance casting potential. Construction is using low resin, high modulus carbon with lightweight carbon scrims, plus a 3k fabric finish in the lower half.

In addition to the ease of casting, this new rod will also have a little more "playability" when you get a fish.

Lets run through the specification.
12' and 13'
Test curve 3lb 10 oz
Construction of woven carbon fabric over carbon scrimmed high modulus carbon.
Hybrid action - Starts out like a fast action but bends into the butt as load is increased."


More informations about Harrison Trebuchet Light 13':



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